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Texas Flood [Vinyl]

Click here to buy Texas Flood [Vinyl] by Stevie Ray Vaughan.   by: Stevie Ray Vaughan
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on 3-28-2014.

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Plenty of people have written reviews of this album. All I wish to comment on is the quality of the SACD transfer.I compared the SACD to the original (not the re-mastered) CD of this album, which has been in my collection for many, many years. I had both queued up in two separate players: a Sony DVP-S9000ES for the CD and a Sony SCD-E555ES for the SACD. I used the DACs in the players and used an "analog direct" setup to ensure that no further signal processing occurred. Levels were matched closely enough that we couldn't identify a difference.With most of the program material we couldn't tell the difference between the two disks. The only difference I noticed with any regularity was a slightly increased sharpness of high transient sounds such as rimshots and cymbals. If there was any difference in guitar, vocals, bass, ambience or spaciousness, we couldn't hear it.There are other albums that I own both a CD and SACD of where I can identify significant differences. In fact, with the multi-channel SACDs that I've listened to, the sound quality is magnificent. This disk just isn't one of them.That said, this is one of my all-time favorite albums. This is my third copy (LP, CD and SACD) and even after almost twenty years it gets played frequently. I certainly recommend the album, but I'm not sure it is worth getting in SACD.

1. Love Struck Baby
2. Pride and Joy
3. Texas Flood
4. Tell Me
5. Testify
6. Rude Mood
7. Mary Had a Little Lamb
8. Dirty Pool
9. I'm Cryin'
10. Lenny