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Plastic Surgery Disasters

Click here to buy Plastic Surgery Disasters by Dead Kennedys.   Type: Vinyl (2010)
by: Dead Kennedys
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on 3-8-2014.

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Product Description
Originally released in 1982. Remastered from original tapes. Includes a 28 page booklet. The epic sweep of PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS, in both sonic texture and thematic depth, sets it apart as one of punk's most highly evolved musical and artistic statements. Vocalist Jello Biafra's rage had developed into a calmer but more strident kind of anger. Fortified by a wider variety of sounds, including horns, clarinets, and East Bay Ray's rich palette of aggressive guitar textures, this album attacked the usual DK targets. Our bloated, mentally lazy consumer culture is lambasted in the thick, intimidating ''Buzzbomb'' and the stingingly sarcastic ''Winnebago Warrior.'' Several of society's more insidious archetypes are taken on as well, as in the goofy ''Terminal Preppie,'' and the furious, adrenaline-fueled ''Well Paid Scientist.'' Firmly in place are Biafra's trademark paranoid anti-government diatribes; society's false sense of security is addressed in the breakneck-speed rant of ''Government Flu,'' the far-reaching metaphor of ''Trust Your Mechanic,'' and the angry theatrics of ''I Am The Owl.''The Dead Kennedys: Jello Biafra (vocals); East Bay Ray (guitar); Klaus Flouride (bass); D.H. Pelligro (drums). Digitally remastered by John Cuniberti and East Bay Ray (The Plant Mastering, Sausalito, California). Additional personnel includes: Melissa Webber (spoken vocals); Dave Barrett, Geoffrey Lyall, Bruce Ackely (horns); Ninotchka (background vocals). Producers: Thom Wilson, East Bay Ray, The Dead Kennedys, Geza X. Engineers: Olivier DiCicco, John Cuniberti, Mark Wallner. Recorded at Hyde Street Studios and Mobius Music, San Francisco, California.TracklistA1 Advice From Christmas Past 0:55A2 Government Flu 2:04A3 Terminal Preppie 1:30A4 Trust Your Mechanic 2:55A5 Well Paid Scientist 2:22A6 Buzzbomb 2:22A7 Forest Fire 2:23A8 Halloween 3:35A9 Winnebago Warrior 2:08B1 Riot 5:58B2 Bleed For Me 3:25B3 I Am The Owl 4:52B4 Dead End 3:56B5 Moon O

Product Reviews
Before the Dead Kennedys broke ground in 1979, American punk was a bunch of whiney, no talented, Iggy Pop wannabes. Then, with the realese of their first album, FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES, the DKs created a new world of awareness and surprise in the American Punk Community.With their second Album, PLASTIC SURGERY DISASTERS, DK continued to change punk by adding a whole new type of music. It wasn't the traditional three chords and chaos punk brought back from England and shown in america by bands like The Germs and X (which are some of the best punk bands of all time). Instead it was creative, ear catching, and emotinaly stimulating. Their smart, sarcastic political views alone make this one worht while. And the addition of their E.P. IN GOD WE TRUST, INC. makes it all the better.This Album is both hilarious and scary. It is one of the best punk albums by one of the best punk bands. They did for America what the Sex Pistols did for England: created a whole new land of chaotic dreams for the dis-interested youth.

1. Advice from Christmas Past
2. Government Flu
3. Terminal Preppie
4. Trust Your Mechanic
5. Well Paid Scientist
6. Buzzbomb
7. Forest Fire
8. Halloween
9. Winnebago Warrior
10. Riot
11. Bleed for Me
12. I Am the Owl
13. Dead End
14. Moon Over Marin
15. Religious Vomit
16. Moral Majority
17. Hyperactive Child
18. Kepone Factory
19. Dog Bite
20. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
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