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on 4-12-2014.

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Great collection at a great price.

Product Reviews
I guess I could call Collective Soul something of a guilty pleasure - straight-ahead pop, catchy hooks, singable choruses, simple melodies, everything that a music-snob like me is supposed to hate. But I'll admit it. I like a well-done pop tune too, and CS has a supply of 'em seemingly as inexhaustible as Ben Folds's bag of witty one-liners. Sometimes it's nothing more than two-line verses and a quick chorus repeated a couple times, as on "Tremble For My Beloved." Yet, in the middle of it all they've got a great knack for a melody and they can crank up an addictive beat that's hard to let go. And hey, at least the songs aren't as utterly simplistic and tossed-off as Weezer's (which I also listen to). Dosage, although sporting the weirdest of all their mediocre album covers, was Collective Soul's most accomplished recording at the time. (Haven't heard Blender, so I can't compare.) Underneath the usual ear-candy songcraft there are more keyboards, better production/mixing and more electronic touches than ever before. "Tremble" rides on waves of wah-wah guitars. "Slow" builds a wall of sound big enough to fill your whole listening space. "Crown" slides through to the disc's finish (almost) in a low-key haze of dreamy ambience. Aha, and there's an extra treat - the hidden "She Said" at the end, which floats on a bed of gorgeous strings and another of those excellent choruses. It's an absolute gem. They're essentially nothing more than a catchy rock band, but Collective Soul has a compelling energy and a talent for strong songs that should keep them going for a while. Those who aren't looking for anything more should be well satisfied.

1. Tremble for My Beloved
2. Heavy
3. No More, No Less
4. Needs
5. Slow
6. Dandy Life
7. Run
8. Generate
9. Compliment
10. Not the One [*]
11. Crown