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RC 6-Axis Quadcopter Flying Drone Toy With Gyro and Camera Remote Control LED Lights
by Best Choice Products
Model # I51PKFWEY0031
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on 12-6-2017.
Reviews From Buyers
My wife bought me this drone (my first) for my birthday and it is a pretty good, durable drone. I mastered the basics within a day while in my apartment (after trial and error with plenty of crashes) and the overall experience with it has been good. I definitely suggest buying extra batteries as it has already been said, the charge will only last about 10 minutes. Make sure to look carefully for the right kind, as I made the mistake of not looking at the type correctly and bought 8 batteries that are too small when I was trying to go the cheap route on eBay.Even though it is durable, I highly suggest bonding the light covers down; I used hot glue so it is not permanent. I saw a suggestion of taping down the micro SD card on the camera for extra assurance, but I decided to add small amounts of hot glue since it won't peel like tape and it is a stronger hold (and easy to remove and reapply).
  • Comes with a built-in 6 axis gyroscope for steady hovering, and its four axis control allows it to be more flexible and rapid when flying
  • Comes with a recording camera and 4GB memory card to record all the high adventures and views
  • Shining lights are

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