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by Zhongshan Galanz Consumer Electric Appliances Co.,ltd
Model # 0083632100835
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on 9-4-2018.
Product Description
  • *2.7 CU.FT. Compact Size*Stainless Steel Look*Mechanical Adjustable Thermostat Control*R600a Compressor*Coated Wire Slide-Out Shelf*Can Dispenser*2-Liter Bottle Door Storage��*Reversible Door*Half-Width Freezer Compartment*2 Leveling Front Legs*Item Dimensions: 19.13*19.69*24.69 (W*D*H , inch)*Item Net Weight: 38.76 (lbs)*Item Working Current: 0.8 (A)*UL and DOE Approval
Reviews From Buyers
Noise: When it's quiet, it's absolutely quiet and you'll forget it's there. However, there is an occasional humming noise that comes on every half hour or so, as well as when you adjust the temperature or leave the door open too long (30+ seconds).Temperature: When the noise comes on, the outside will likely start to feel a bit warm. It doesn't last long, but you wouldn't want it too close to anything that would trap the heat in. The inside temperature is somewhat inconsistent, but it is definitely cold. I'm having a hard time finding a temperature that keeps everything cold while also not freezing whatever is placed below the freezer section.Size: This fridge is as tall as it is wide and will come in a very large box. Keep that in mind when ordering because you'll need another person around to help you lift it up.Space and Shelves: The preview picture is heavily exaggerating the space it has, but it's definitely not too small. If the shelves are placed like they are in the picture on the box, you're not fitting a bottle that much larger than a soda can in the top. I moved the top shelf down one and made a small middle shelf for cheese and thin vegetables and it's been working great for fitting bottles in the top and other stuff down below.Overall: It looks nice, has enough space if you're thoughtful about how you put everything in, and doesn't have too many major issues. There's probably a better model out there for the price somewhere, but I'm pretty content with this one.
  • *2.7 CU.FT. Compact Size
    *Stainless Steel Look
    *Mechanical Adjustable Thermostat Control
    *R600a Compressor
    *Coated Wire Slide-Out Shelf
    *Can Dispenser
    *2-Liter Bottle Door Storage 
    *Reversible Door
    *Half-Width Freezer Compartment
    *2 Leveling Front Legs
    *Item Dimensions: 19.13*19.69*24.69 (W*D*H , inch)
    *Item Net Weight: 38.76 (lbs)
    *Item Working Current: 0.8 (A)
    *UL and DOE Approval
    *Perfect for dining room,dorm room, apartment,kitchen, office and bar

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