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Athletic Works Men's Chunky Athletic Shoe
Model # 0060538828207
In stock at Walmart
on 3-22-2019.
Product Description
Athletic Works Mens Aw Athletic Chunky
Reviews From Buyers
I wore this shoe at work walking hall ways and using stairs. Also, for my other activities, but not working around my property. Result was that after 4 full months the sole is worn down to the white foam but the rest of the shoe is in perfect condition. The upper looks like new, the insole is still intact and comfortable. Nothing is separating. I am now using a second pair that I bought in a different color, and have another pair of the original ready for \"pickup inch at the store. Since I didn,t have to pay $16 for a replacement insole and I don't have to worry about these falling apart on the job, I think they are a great deal for $14. I don't suggest these for a game of tennis, but for the money it beats buying a longer lasting shoe and then have to keep buying insoles. Actually not a bad deal at all. Hope they stay around for a while. A lot of what I was buying from Walmart in terms of clothing has gone away, but thats life!! Happy with this purchase.


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